Slogan Quiz Trivia Challenge

Guess Company Slogans with Slogan Quiz : Trivia Challenge! Over 600 Company Slogans!
You will be surprised by how many you actually know!

Slogans should stick with potential customers… so put the company’s marketing team to the test with our latest Trivia Challenge!
Slogans can be inspiring, funny or crude but the one thing that makes them successful is when you remember them. Test your Slogan knowledge right now and see how many companies have done their job right!

Playing Slogan Quiz will show you just how many ads have slipped into your brain and you are able to recognize and rank your score against the world with Game Center!

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Released on Amazon first, Apple soon followed. Here are some screen shots of it. The game uses my trivia template I designed and programmed so that the game can be used over and over again with new content and new art. Art by Mark Parra.