RV Runner

DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE! Jump, Dash and Smash while your out of control RV takes you on an open road redneck joyride! Drive as far as you can without crashing!
Collect Road Sodas and Varmints to unlock new Trucks, Cars and Backgrounds!

The game includes 6 vehicles including a good old fashion RV, muscle car and the menacing Death Truck!
See just how far you can go as you speed down the open highway jumping open pits and smashing boulders.

*Tracks High Scores
*Awesome Trucks and Cars
*Cool graphics, fun and addictive play

Slap your heels or rock out to the game’s addictive music tracks.
Most importantly, have fun running yer rig into beyond!!

Executive Producer Derek Sunshine.
Art by Nikol Stein and Coding by Bo Bell.