Right Right Wrong: REDUX

Can you Right Right Wrong? Can you identify the wrong answer among true statements? Can you train your brain to be furiously fast and bulls-eye accurate? Are you a trivia god? Have your pursuits, quiz ups, and game shows gotten old? With an endless amount of levels, 2000 subjects, bonus multipliers, online leader boards, and a ridiculous amounts of fun, Right Right Wrong is THE premier knowledge trivia game. Are you a top trivia player? Do you have a wealth of knowledge that your friends just can’t appreciate? Well we can and we’ll help you prove your awesomeness by posting your highest scores and highest level for the world to see. You have 90 seconds, how many can you solve?

I took our original Right Right Wrong! mobile game and reworked the UI/UX as well as added a leveling and XP system with leaderboards. I am the sole developer of this project from art to programming.

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