Megalith – Exclusive PSVR game that I worked on contract for 2 months. Tons of fun. Will add more info as it becomes more public.

War Commander: Rogue Assault

An immersive military strategy game set in a massive multiplayer online world, War Commander: Rogue Assault delivers a stunning, fully 3D battlefield experience like nothing you’ve ever seen on mobile. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Available on iOS and Android

Moved over to the WCRA team in March of 2015 as Lead Designer after a previous title I was on was canceled. We rebuilt large portions of the game as well as added a significant amount of features with it ultimately going into world wide release December 2016. Integral part of creating from the ground up features such as: crafting, alliances, loot table systems, new player experience tutorial, equipment, world map, pve target types, forward operating bases, story, voice overs, character personalities, and dialogue. After global release I was promoted to Design Director where we wrestled the product through Q1 to increase ARPU as high as possible in as little time as possible; laying the ground work for many monetizing and retaining features. Re-balanced the game and economy along with our Product Manager in March 2017 to improve retention and monetization with a positive ARPU increase and was integral to planning out Q2 and Q3 2017 road map.


Sorcery PS3 Move Trailer

Was lead level layout designer on this project. Was a ton of fun and an amazingly talented team who through thick and thin pulled it together and shipped this game. We made some pretty neat stuff that made it in and some even neater stuff that couldn’t go in due to limitations of the PS3, *ahem* giant flying stone drake *ahem*

Sorcery Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots I found of some levels I created. The first combat level “Lochbarrow” was one that I spent a lot of time putting together. As the lead of the level layout team we spent many weeks pacing and constructing the level and it’s flow so that it both supported combat pacing as well as worked effectively for performance (it’s hell trying to manage memory on a PS3). The game was built in Unreal 3.

I also did a fair share of environmental art to help lighten the load on our small art team. Nothing super notable, though the giant building in the distance in the last screenshot was something I put together out of a few different assets because we didn’t have a building to put there, it worked out so we kept it like that.

Wildstar Online: Deradune Zone Preview

Here is a zone that myself and a wold artist worked on for some time in our days at Carbine. This zone set the standard for content quality and process for all future zones in the game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it and I’m very happy with the way it ended up. Enjoy!

Wildstar Online’s Galeras Zone

Recently released on Wildstar Online’s website. Here is Galeras. A zone based on wind and air. I prototyped a lot of events with this zone. This was also the first zone that got my “creature tracker and creature map” treatment.


Wildstar Online: Algoroc Zone

Can’t wait to post more as they make them available to the public. This was the first zone I worked on when I started at Carbine Studios and was the last zone I worked on before I left to update and bring it up to the standard of the rest of the game. I think it came out great and is a ton of fun. The blue crystal have an anti gravity effect so as you can see, it’s like a giant bounce house! Good times!

This was 1 of many zone’s I had my fingers in. This zone was developed and designed by myself and a content team of 4 (at the time at least).

Wildstar Online Videos

Here’s the gameplay trailer of one of the first zones in the game. This is not my incarnation of the zone but its more or less how most of the game plays. I had a huge part in shaping how the zones are thought up, designed, implemented, and updated.

and because the cinematic is so freaking awesome. Here is that one too.

RV Runner

DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE! Jump, Dash and Smash while your out of control RV takes you on an open road redneck joyride! Drive as far as you can without crashing!
Collect Road Sodas and Varmints to unlock new Trucks, Cars and Backgrounds!

The game includes 6 vehicles including a good old fashion RV, muscle car and the menacing Death Truck!
See just how far you can go as you speed down the open highway jumping open pits and smashing boulders.

*Tracks High Scores
*Awesome Trucks and Cars
*Cool graphics, fun and addictive play

Slap your heels or rock out to the game’s addictive music tracks.
Most importantly, have fun running yer rig into beyond!!

Executive Producer Derek Sunshine.
Art by Nikol Stein and Coding by Bo Bell.


Right Right Wrong: REDUX

Can you Right Right Wrong? Can you identify the wrong answer among true statements? Can you train your brain to be furiously fast and bulls-eye accurate? Are you a trivia god? Have your pursuits, quiz ups, and game shows gotten old? With an endless amount of levels, 2000 subjects, bonus multipliers, online leader boards, and a ridiculous amounts of fun, Right Right Wrong is THE premier knowledge trivia game. Are you a top trivia player? Do you have a wealth of knowledge that your friends just can’t appreciate? Well we can and we’ll help you prove your awesomeness by posting your highest scores and highest level for the world to see. You have 90 seconds, how many can you solve?

I took our original Right Right Wrong! mobile game and reworked the UI/UX as well as added a leveling and XP system with leaderboards. I am the sole developer of this project from art to programming.

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Slogan Quiz Trivia Challenge

Guess Company Slogans with Slogan Quiz : Trivia Challenge! Over 600 Company Slogans!
You will be surprised by how many you actually know!

Slogans should stick with potential customers… so put the company’s marketing team to the test with our latest Trivia Challenge!
Slogans can be inspiring, funny or crude but the one thing that makes them successful is when you remember them. Test your Slogan knowledge right now and see how many companies have done their job right!

Playing Slogan Quiz will show you just how many ads have slipped into your brain and you are able to recognize and rank your score against the world with Game Center!

Check out our other Trivia Games and prove you are a know-it-all of ALL!!

Released on Amazon first, Apple soon followed. Here are some screen shots of it. The game uses my trivia template I designed and programmed so that the game can be used over and over again with new content and new art. Art by Mark Parra.





MRunner is a canceled mobile Unity title. I was artist and designer as well as producer on this project. The video shows an animation of some gears spinning and when you activate a checkpoint. The game is, if you haven’t guessed, a runner.

Design Maps

Here’s an example of some of my design maps. I have many more of these but most of them are either for unreleased games or released games that would give away all the nitty gritty secrets. These however are from Stargate so there is no harm done there.

Red Desert: Personal Project

I did this a while back as an art test for Mythic working on Warhammer expansion. I ended up not getting that position, luckily. Originally I made this in Unreal Tournament 3 editor, I later revised the map in a newer version of UDK (don’t remember the version but it was probably around March 2010). Updated lighting and post process effects. Left the textures as they were in my test.

Everything in this is original except for the props which are UDK default assets. I created all the textures, shaders, lights, post process chains, heightmap, and terrain painting.

Here are some before images… Lets not dwell on these old ones though.

Games for Babies: Baby Tap Ding!

Created this game in a weekend for my daughter who at the time was 10 months old. She loves mobile phones so this gave her something to play with. It was actually pretty remarkable that she had a very hard time at first touching the shapes to make them ding and show a face. After about a week of struggling with it she became a pro and ever since has just gotten better hand eye coordination. Oh video games how you help our hand eye coordination so well!

Created all the art and design for this. Licensed music from and got a very awesome young lady to do the VO work for it.

Trivia Games

Did design, art, sound, and production on these trivia titles for SUM Interactive. Used gamesalad and created a template that allows me to swap out art and the database to create a new trivia game in about a day. Pretty neat!

You can find all these titles on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Nook Store.

Memory Core: System Override

At the moment this game is still in development but I’ve been working on UI Design, UI Art, Sound, Music, and Production on this iPhone and Android puzzle game. Created by a team of 2 in Gamesalad. Will update screen shots and post a video when we are closer to release.